Curtis Stone Goes Off The Menu


Want to know a secret? Do you think you can handle it? Can you wrap your head, and hands, around it? Because we have to warn you, this is not just any secret. This is a big secret. This is a big, juicy secret. A big, juicy, bbq pulled pork stuffed, cornmeal biscuit topped secret. And it’s coming out hot from the Gwen Butcher Shop kitchen. Yeah, Curtis Stone’s place in Hollywood, you read that right. 

Of course, if you’re an Off The Menu member, then you already know. You’ve probably already tried it. Already sunk your teeth into Gwen’s newest and tastiest lunch item. With bourbon apple BBQ sauce, a creamy slaw, and slow-cooked pork, Gwen is serving up the best BBQ pulled pork sandwich in town. And we got you the insider hook-up. So you can have your tastebuds rocked before everyone else does. And photograph it for the insta of course. 

But maybe you’ve had your fair share of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, and you’re wondering what all the hype is about. Well, we promise that you haven’t had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich like this one. Because when you order any sort of meat product from the Gwen Butcher Shop, you know you’re getting quality. The butchers can tell you where the meat is sourced from. More importantly, they can tell you why it’s the best. 

And let’s not forget the biscuit. The buttery, cornmeal biscuit that holds the meat and slaw together. An excellent balance between crunchy, soft, sweet and savory, the biscuit is impossible to resist. And you may just find yourself begging the butchers for a few biscuits to take home with your freshly purchased raw steaks. After all, it is Curtis Stone who created the recipe. 

Yes, Curtis Stone, the one and only. You may know him from Surf The Menu. You’ve probably seen him on Take Home Chef. But if you consider yourself a food-lover in Los Angeles, then Curtis Stone needs no introduction. And if you missed him on The Opera Winfrey Show or Ellen Degeneres, don’t worry, we have an interview with him right here. And a little insight into what makes his OTM sandwich so good. 

What’s the story behind Gwen? 

Gwen is a old world-style butcher shop with a restaurant.  The namesake is my gran who had a farm and where I spent a lot of time growing up.

Why the BBQ pulled pork sandwich as your Off the Menu item?

We've been expanding our lunch menu and wanted to feature an item that really sings.  I'm mean, look at it! It's tastes as incredible as it looks.

How is the pulled pork made at Gwen? What’s the most important step when making a good BBQ pulled pork sandwich?

We cook the pork on the Josper oven. Like with most barbecue, the edict of low and slow cooking rings true.

What else would you recommend that an OTM member orders at Gwen’s butcher Shop?

The butchers offer a wide range of incredible cuts and items. Summer is a great time for charcuterie and terrines to pack up and take to the Hollywood Bowl and other picnics. The dry-aged steaks are fantastic for the grill.

What makes your butcher shop unique? Where do you source the meat from? 

Gwen offers things that I haven't been able to get my hands on in Los Angeles. I love to cook with local ingredients and use California purveyors but I also want to stock the cases with items that I consider to be the best. Our Blackmore wagyu is imported from Australia. We've brought in game from Scotland. The restaurant uses the cuts from the shop, and that was important to me.  What we offer in the butcher case is the same gorgeous meat we're serving on the menu.

Do you have a specific dish at Gwen that you feel captures who you are as a chef?

I really like to change up the menu. We have an asador pork dish that is part of our tasting menu.  The pork, as all our meat at the restaurant, is cooked over an open fire and the belly, cheek, and loin are served. There is a smokiness to the meat and the plating is delicate and refined.  It's what we like to call 'primal elegance' and I really think it captures the spirit of the butcher shop and the restaurant.