Member Etiquette


Thanks for joining the Club! 

Here are some friendly reminders:

1. While you're not required to purchase anything, (although we strongly encourage it because the restaurants on the app are amazing), please remember to tip your wait staff. A check of $0 does not account for the labor and service. A tip is expected and greatly appreciated. If it comes to our attention that a tip was not left, you will receive a formal warning. A second strike will lead to immediate and permanent removal from the app.

2. Our restaurant partners LOVE food porn. Please snap some photos and share them on Instagram and other social platforms, regardless of your account size. Spreading the word really helps them!

3. Take out orders are entirely up to the restaurant. Some will let you do it, and some won't. Please don't get mad at the staff, if you can't take your order to go.

4. If you ever experience any issues, please contact us first at and we'll take care of you.